Annual Pinoy Get Together held in Zabrze, Poland.

You will not believe me— I have been living in Poland for more than 2 years now, however, this was my first time to attend such Filipino gathering. And I loved it! It felt like home away from home.


Prior to this, the chances of meeting them was thin since I didn’t know anyone before.



Let me tell you a little story of how I finally met some of my Filipino friends in Wroclaw. 

A few months ago, I was in Galeria Dominikanska, a mall located in the city center having late lunch then when I saw a bunch of people from Asia seated few tables away from me— I just wasn’t sure what nationality they belonged to.

When I was about to leave the restaurant, I overheard someone speak Tagalog.  I wasn’t sure if it was indeed Tagalog or what. So, I decided to take some baby steps while trying to decipher at the same time if what I was hearing was right. Eventually, I realized they were Pinoys like me. Then, I humbly turned back and introduced myself to them. I sat with them for a while trying to get to know and memorize each other’s names and stuffs like that.

To cut it short, my circle of friends have grown double to my surprise. Thanking them for connecting the dots and helping me make it happen.


Just like anyone who lives abroad, I was engulfed of so much eagerness and anticipation of the thought that I would finally meet my fellow kababayans. This photo above captures the very scenario I was looking forwad into.


An annual celebration considered as a get together for the Filipino community who’s currently living and working in Poland. It was organized by some of the pioneers who’s been around for nearly 10 years or more in the country. In general, our theme for that meeting was “Summer Grill Party”. Everyone was entitled to bring anything they wanted to share—may it be food, utensils and drinks of any kind.


Moreover, I cannot deny and I must admit the fact that Filipinos love to sing Karaoke. I had the chance to sing impromptu. 🙂

In addition, there were games for adults and kids. Indeed, it was a blissful day full of laughter, not to mention we went home smiling with happy tummies because of the overflowing amount of food.


For those who are new in Poland, there’s a facebook page called PinoysInPoland where everyone can join and share information.

If you are looking forward to coming to Wroclaw, we also have a closed group Pinoys in Wroclaw that you can add. Just send a request to the admin and it’ll be approve soon as possible.

I’d like to extend many thanks to Ate Linda and her husband for the photo coverage of this event.

Until the next Kita-Kita! Maraming Salamat po.

Nathy Gilber
Filipina expat living in Wroclaw, Poland. Nurse by profession, new to blogging, Instagrammer, traveler, music enthusiast and self-imposed chef in my own kitchen.

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