Owning a BLOG- A Dream No More!

First and foremost, let me introduce to you myself. My name is Nathy. I’m originally from the Philippines but I’m now currently based in Wroclaw, Poland. My Polish friends call me Natka, but my friends back home call me Nath/Nat. I grew up in a small village where there was about 300 household population at that time.

The kind of triumphant smile when you get something that you love— in this case, it’s my BLOG officially.

Growing up has been a bit of a challenge for me since I got used to living a life away from my parents. I earned my independence at an early age with a significant guidance from my mom (I call her NANAY) through a phone call and my relatives included. When I try to reflect on my life, I thought I was a nomad way before even realizing it. At this point, I’m settled in a place where I don’t have any relatives, but I gained many good friends whom I can count and rely on. I call them my FAMILY! I found a family in the most unexpected place I never thought I’d be in. Am I not lucky enough? Yes, I am. And my heart skips a beat knowing they’re tremendously supportive in everything that I do. Thank you is overrated, on the other hand, I’d still say it endlessly.

Just like all of you, I have my own dreams. Those dreams are mostly kept for my own knowing because I’m afraid I might not even get an inch closer to it. In other words, I’m usually hesitant to let everyone know what I have in mind unless I’m sure I’m on it.

Posing 101

When I was in high school, I remember myself being part of the school paper. I was the school’s student newspaper editor then. I didn’t even know the importance of such a responsibility, needless to say, I tried my very best to accomplish something I was tasked.

My love and passion for writing has been rooted in that circumstance. I had a stash of compiled poems, journals of unprecedented situations that inspired me the most, lyrics of songs I created, short silly stories with happy endings, and funny love letter notes never sent to recipient which my mom kept at home. The latter makes me red in the face as it’s absolutely true! 🙂

I still feel my nerves in here. Can you see it?

Fast forward to the present time, I consider myself a changed person. I’ve had a lot of modifications about myself for the better in the last 2 years since I moved to Europe. Everything was not easy. I struggled so hard to belong and gained the perspective that I have today. My dreams inspire me to run after them and scare me at the time, but I guess it’s a normal reaction when you are alone and living by yourself because you lack huge support system around. You think all is overwhelming and hard to even imagine. I’m the typical person who always savor my time in everything. I taste every strand of it. I believe everything will fall into place at the right time, place, situation and frame of mind. So, why rush and end up failing? The answer is still within YOU.

Why personally owning a blog a dream no more? Well, I guess it’s because of my enthusiasm towards writing. Writing for me is as fun as being around with friends you can’t resist of being with. It’s a dream no more because I finally had the courage to pursue what I love to do. There were nights before that I just lay flat in bed, looking straight and blankly at the ceiling while alternately rolling my eyeballs around the four corners of my room at the same time wondering how it would be like if it would come true. Alas, I did it!

Let me change into my comfortable shoes! haha





Before owning my own domain name, I once had a blog in Blogspot wherein I published a post about knowing the signs if you’re in a wrong relationship. Some of my friends commented it was really awesome, and they even encouraged me to write more. I remember receiving a comment from a guy’s point of view regarding the post. He said, it was truly right because it happened to him. So, basically, it doesn’t matter who’s reading your blog , it could be of any gender or sexual preference for as long as you make an impact on their lives, that’s all that counts. All of those words of encouragement became part of my inspiration in making that simple yet vague dream a reality.

Remember, your dreams are in the cooking process. Let it simmer perfectly until it’s ready to be served. Work on it to make it a reality. It may not happen right from the moment you want it, however, it has its own course of showing you some signs and ways to get there. When that moment arrives, seized it with both of your hands wide open and never let it go. Dreams are made to be possible!

****I’m down to my first official blog post. Thank you guys for checking this out!

Nathy Gilber
Filipina expat living in Wroclaw, Poland. Nurse by profession, new to blogging, Instagrammer, traveler, music enthusiast and self-imposed chef in my own kitchen.


  1. gean lester

    A very nice piece from a friend who has a wonderful mind and a beautiful heart..

    Indeed, dreams doesn’t always happen at the moment that we want has its own course..we just have to keep ourselves on pace and in pursuit..thank you…as a friend, im in awe and proud of you..keep up the great work!

    1. Melts my heart! Thank you so much! You inspired me to write more. 🙂

    2. Leziel

      She’s indeed great! I miss you both! 😊😉😘

      1. Thank you! miss you two as well!

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