Sharing With You My Favorite Uplifting Quotes!

Hey, Everyone! Welcome to my very own blog. Finally, it’s up and running. But of course, it’s not perfect yet as I’m not a techie person. I might be needing someone to help me pull this thing altogether and make it something worthwhile for you to browse on. Thank you all for checking this out.

Now, let me share with you some of my favorite motivational quotes that fuel me up when I feel too hopeless, tired, lonely, missing home, and just worthless overall.

I know all of you have your own ways of coping such crisis in life, but in my case, reading quotes on a daily basis keep my goals aligned and steady.

1. This is by far the one of those that I can relate with. Rejection always accompanies such feeling of worthlessness and denial, but always look at the brighter side of the card.

2. Taking chances is never a bad idea. When you have the opportunity, just grab it. Don’t let negativity consume you.

3. Breaking your own comfort zone is big of a deal. Try it and you’ll know what youre capable of or not.

4. Absolutely. When you’ve been through a lot in life, this quote will definitely hit you like a bullet.

5. Live your life according to your will. You don’t need to prove to anybody your worth because you know in your heart, you are more than enough.

Let me know what are your favorites by commenting it below. Thank you!

Nathy Gilber
Filipina expat living in Wroclaw, Poland. Nurse by profession, new to blogging, Instagrammer, traveler, music enthusiast and self-imposed chef in my own kitchen.


  1. whenna

    kakaritatan mo mana:):):)

    1. Salamat classmate! hehehe.. Tuned in for more…

      1. whenna

        looking forward for more uplifting qoutes…heheh
        #2 ak pinaka favorite..relate talaga ak..:)

        1. maupay! ako relate ako hiton na tanan heheh

          1. whenna

            waiting ako hit im travel category heheh..urog kay nauupayan ako hit nga mga lugar na im bini visit..:)

            1. try ko pag come up hin post about ak previous travels… 🙂

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