Weekend Getaway In Berlin

Hello Everyone! It’s been a while since I last wrote something in here. Today, I figured I should at least share a glimpse of a weekend getaway with friends in Berlin.

As you may know, Berlin is the capital city of Germany. The city is famous for its extravagant architectures and museums.

I had the chance to get in the hop on hop off bus that had a guide on board. While we drove around the city, the guide would describe and narrate some of the historical places and events that happened in every corners of the street. To my surprise, there were structures built amounting to a whooping millions of Euros. No wonder Germany is one of the richest countries in Europe.

As an average tourist that had a very limited funds, I’d say that traveling to Germany if you lived somewhere close by—like Poland per se, would not cost you much of a fortune. Frugality was a must since everything there was expensive. I went there with a backpack as my friends would suggest me. The perks of traveling with a backpack is that, it saves much of your effort in dragging around your suitcase. There are a lot of compartment where you can stash some of your belongings and water, as there’s a special place for it at the sides of every backpack. So, I and my friends left Poland by bus to Berlin with 1.5L of water under our belt. Yes, it lasted until the next day and it saved me some penny.

One of the reasons why we travelled to Berlin was that, we wanted to dine at the Filipino restaurant which our friends would always tell us. Prior to dinning, we returned to our hotel room to snatch a quick nap. Afterwards, we headed down to the Filipino restaurant found not far from the city center. We ordered as much food as we deserved to eat.  We left the place with some of our food leftovers and happy tummies.

Here are some of the photos I and my friends captured during the trip. Hope you like them! 🙂

One of Berlin’s Train Stations
Yes, that’s Me being silly. 🙂
The remains of Berlin Wall.


With my very good friend goofing around like kids.
A spot in the Island Museum
Processed with MOLDIV
A traveler who always finds a place to sit.
The crew contemplating on ordering a craft beer.
Kids at heart indeed.
Notice my seatmates.
Satisfying the kiddy aspect.
Behind me is one of the attractions in Berlin’s Island Museum.
The CREW a.k.a “Housemates”
Fantastic view overlooking the river with boats constantly passing by at intervals.
A perfect backdrop.
Honestly, here, I’m already exhausted from running around. I asked my friend to lay down with me on the grass to rest(in my case) and for a quick snap.
The girl who travels for the first time with a backpack on.
BLUE skies and this building.
Processed with MOLDIV
This photo resembles an ideal poster.
Boats come and go around this area of the river. You can dine, have a drink while at the same time feeding your eyes with the wonderful sights around.



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