Where do I get my nails done?

When it comes to nail grooming, I am a little bit hesitant as to where and what place to try. I’ve been into different nail salons in the last 3 years of my stay in Wroclaw. Prices varies from each places but it usually depends on what type of service you want to avail.

Luckily, I already found a place which I admit now my favorite go-to place for my routine nail polish changes. I like how Nailed It Wroclaw take care of my nails especially Dominika, who does my nails from day one. She’s very gentle and precise, and would usually take into consideration your color and style options. In addition, we don’t want to compromise our health safety with all these kind of vanity that we have in this generation. Having an autoclaved/sterilized equipment in this field of business is a must. And they have it, thankfully!

Hybrid (Dark Khaki)

At their salon, they have a complementary coffee or tea while you’re sitting, relaxing and getting hyped with the outcome of your visit. They offer some other services such as brow grooming and brow henna tattoo which can last for a couple of weeks or so. You can locate this place by checking their Facebook profile and if you want to have an appointment with them, it’s best if you’ll send your inquiry through their page on Facebook. They respond quite fast.

Highly recommended guys! Thank you for dropping by.





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