Why You Should Stop Worrying About Being Single?

Is this the reason why you’re rushing?


Nowadays, the tremendous trend of rushing into another relationship after a failed one is most common. It’s actually an unhealthy solution if you are looking for the right catch to replace the one you’ve just lost.

The hurt after being separated from someone you’ve been with for some time can linger in as much as you let yourself dwell on it. In other words, it’s our choice if we choose to be unhappy and heartbroken.

If you are in your 20’s or probably early 30’s, life’s a bit strange especially when it comes to relationship and commitment. Some would just jump into a relationship because of peer influence, fear of living alone or because your friends are in a relationship and you are not.

I’ve seen a lot of couples who are somehow an absolute example in terms of how they cherish and make their relationship flourish despite their differences. However, there are some who just can’t stay and that’s why, it’s better off for them to go away or you, yourself.

Why being single until now should not even bother you at all? In my own opinion, it’s really our choice. Having to go through a few failed relationships made me realize what exactly I’m looking for at this time. It’s true that as you aged, your priorities and even your thinking is slightly modified for your own sake.

There’s no point in hitting up a fire with someone when in fact, you are not ready in the first. Just for the reason you don’t want to be alone, you turn it up somehow. Don’t do it. It will not last a day.

The problem with ending a relationship or any kind of mutual partnership with someone is that, you already got used to having that person around you day-by-day. You know that person’s routine on a daily basis. When you realized that person is gone for good, you thought the world has ended itself. This is a common reaction to such situation like this. Depression is a damn thing but it can kill a person if you don’t know how to handle it.

There are claims that a 3-month rule works best before entertaining another potential relationship. Three months is ample enough to clear out your mind regarding all the possibilities waiting ahead of you. Have you thought maybe it was indeed not a coincidence that you finally broke free from such a relationship because someone’s way better and interesting out there waiting for you to just show up at their front door? Rightfully, it’s a hundred percent possible.

My very good friend would usually tell me that maybe the right guy for me is barbecuing at the moment, lonely and waiting for someone to come along to join him for lunch. The possibility of such scenario is unknown since I haven’t heard of such a story yet. But, daydreaming of being with another person—hopefully the right one, is definitely a thing to behold.

But wait, I’m not telling you right now that you should go out from your cave and date someone. I’ll tell you some of the nicest things I learned and realized after gaining my freedom from a toxic relationship.

  1. You will only be unhappy being single once you are not over yet with your ex. So, the best solution is, accept the fact that a second chance is like a thin air that you breathe. You’ll not be able to catch it no matter how you push yourself harder.
  2.  Never look for a girl/guy who has the same qualities as what she/he got. Don’t fool yourself for the second time. Finding another person of different philosophy, morals, values and beliefs in life than what you’ve been used to dealing with, will make the get-to-know-stage fun and a bit more “kilig”.
  3. Be happy that you are single because is this the best time for you to learn more about yourself. Treat yourself beautifully by making sure you look good and feel good about yourself even if your relationship status is SINGLE.
  4. The most important reason that you should never worry about being single is that, you’d rather stay that way than be stressed in order to earn some wrinkles on your face because you are in the bad light. No. Stay that way for now, and get a LIFE.

I’ve been asked many times why I don’t even date anyone right now. I only have one answer to that: It’s because I missed out on a lot of things about myself. Autonomy is a great big of a deal. At present, I’m still in the process of getting to know what I really want, pursuing my dreams and goals, at the same time refining the things I have in mind for my future relationship ahead of me. Let’s not rush girls! There are millions of single ladies out there. We are definitely not alone in this WORLD we live in. I’m with you. 🙂

Nathy Gilber
Filipina expat living in Wroclaw, Poland. Nurse by profession, new to blogging, Instagrammer, traveler, music enthusiast and self-imposed chef in my own kitchen.

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