Yet another spontaneous trip to Prague, Czech Republic.

Today’s weather, being cloudy and a bit gloomy brought me some ideas to write about my trip to Prague. I know it had been long over due since. But, as you see, there’s no deadline when it comes to sharing what you have experienced, seen and been to before.

The first train station located just near the bus stop.

I remember when I was still back in the Philippines, I was working in the hospital as a lab tech then when my friend from work showed me a photo from somewhere in Europe. Honestly, it was Prague. We saw and browsed few photos and wished we could have a chance to take a glimpse of its beauty, for real. Little did I know that after a year then, I’d be able to see the place with my very own eye. What a dream come true to see such places you only get to see on photos!

Famous Charles Bridge in Prague.
When all you can do is admire the scenery… sigh!
I remember this place during my first visit having no chance of taking such solo pic without popping photo bombers from everywhere. Lucky we went there at 8am.


Overlooking the city from up above.

This trip hasn’t been the first I took, it’s now the second time.

Remembering the first time I went there, it was around April of last 2015, the weather was still chilly but not gloomy. The sun was out shinning though which every traveler would hope for in order to maximize the exploration of the beautiful city.

It’s not new that Prague has been a go-to destination for people who loves to know the history, culture, architectures, museums, food and way of life. They are also famous for some local craft beers. Some bars you’ll see barrels of beers displayed inside. Some restaurant does serve some good food, but other don’t— a situation which happened during my first trip.

On the other hand, this second trip that I had was a bit different. I had a chance to look around and stay over night at a friend’s- she was a Filipina living and working in Prague. I really had a good time and thinking about it again, made me want to go back soon as possible.

The squad goals.


Their currency: 100 Czech Koruna


Prague Castle


Garden full of flowers.


Feeling giddy while posing in front of this stunning pink door with ice cream at hand isn’t a bad idea in Vyšehrad.


All you need is a comfortable shoes and you’re good to go.


Dropped by at Paul Patisserie.


Telescoping the entire city.


I wanted to be as still as he is. 🙂


This girl who leans on this wall is tired but happy. 

Here are some tips if you’d like to go and see this stunningly beautiful city:

  1. You must have a valid Schengen Visa.
  2. Transportation is convenient where you can get a tram ticket good for a span of 30 mins,  a day or two, depending on your preference. But I would suggest to buy the ticket good for the whole day as you might be hopping from one tram to another to see places. This will save you some amount of penny.
  3. As compared to other countries in Europe, Prague isn’t too expensive if you are on tight budget. You can still make your visit a worthy one by spending less.
  4. They serve really delectable craft beers which is a must-try.
  5. Food is amazing in some restaurants, some aren’t. I suggest you check some reviews first before tyring out a place to eat.
  6. Shopping is a goal for some tourist, and I must say, you’ll get the price for its worth. Oftentimes, they go on sale, if you’re lucky enough to be around on those days.
  7. If you’re a Filipino, there’s a Pinoy store in Prague, where you can buy goods from the Philippines. I and my friends personally went there to grab a few.
  8. Take as many photos as you can possibly handle. Every sight deserves and worth a shutter click.
  9. Wear comfortable walking shoes as you’ll engage yourself in a lot of walking marathon.
  10. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen if you’re out on a sunny day.
  11. Sunglasses is a must-have during summer time.
  12. If you’re out on a cold days, have your proper autumn and/or winter clothes on. It’ll save you from ruining your sightseeing.
  13. If you are from other parts of Europe, travelling by bus to get to this place is never an inconvenience. So, don’t be afraid to go by bus if you have a chance.


And this photo concludes my trip. Heading back to Poland.

I hope you find this post inspiring. You may not be able to travel now, who knows what the future holds. You might find yourself stacking your suitcase in one of these days. Believe, time will knock at your door.

Happy reading.

Thanks for dropping by.



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